Game Evaluation Form Legend


The game evaluation form is meant to provide a concise description of a game and its behavior authoring and scenario generation capabilities.  The information in the form was prepared by the BBN game evaluators and represents their personal experiences playing the game, and reading through official and fan-created material.  The evaluation form consists of twelve sections. 


1.1             Overview


The first section provides general information about the game, including what type of game it is and when it was released.














1.2       Description


            This section gives a brief description of the game and a few sentences about the behavior and scenario authoring capabilities.  Most of the comments here are the opinions and general impressions of the game evaluators.


1.3       Buzz


            Here we give a few opinions on the state of the gaming community in relation to this game.  A healthy, active, gaming community will generally have numerous recently updated fan web sites devoted to the game, an updated official web site, and activity on internet message boards related to the game.  We also give a general impression on the state of the modding community, the gamers who are actually using the tools described in the rest of the evaluation to author scenarios and behaviors.   Since it is difficult to assess the size and activity of a loosely connected internet based community, we opted to give the general impressions and opinions of the game evaluators instead of attempting to construct a rating system.


1.4       Team Play


            Most games can be played in either single player mode (one human player competing against AI controlled opponents), or in multiplayer mode, with some combination of human and computer controlled players.  This section gives information on the multiplayer mode of play.









1.5       Game AI


            Here we describe some of the characteristics of the computer controlled entities in the game.  Many games do not provide detailed information about their AI algorithms, since such information can be considered a trade secret.  The information presented here is what the game evaluator could discern by interacting with the AI entities in the game, reading official documentation, and reading fan community information.







1.6       Content and Scenario Authoring


            One type of game modification done by players is scenario authoring.   A scenario author will set up the initial situation and state of the game world by drawing a game map and populating it with game objects and AI controlled entities.  Scenario authors sometimes spend large effort drawing new graphics and sometimes even change the entire domain of the game, from Fantasy to World War II, for example.  Also some games allow a scenario author to modify the rules of the game.












1.7            Behavior Authoring


            This section deals with the modification of the behaviors of AI entities.














1.8            Miscellaneous









1.9            Expansions


            An expansion is an official addition to the game, released by the game publisher, usually for a fee.  A modification is a scenario or behavior script released by a fan using the tools described in the above sections.  In this section, we give a short sentence description of the types of expansions and modifications available. 


1.10     Current Military Applications


            Is this game used by the US Military for training purposes?


1.11     Information Sources


            In this section we provide a set of web links to sites that provide more information about the game, including the official developer/publisher sites and fan sites with modifications available for download.